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In Feb of 2017 we had the honor of working with SikBluStudios for a photo shot in the greater Hollywood area. My daughter and I were in town for an event and spent the day shooting with David. He was nothing but the perfect professional for the entire day. We traveled all over the Hollywood area, shooting in many different outfits and locations. David was able to use the natural environment of Hollywood, Griffin Park Zoo and the streets and parks in the area to create some of the most amazing pictures ever taken of my daughter. Our experience was far beyond my expectations and we can not wait for the opportunity to work with David again. The pictures he took have been helped to open many doors for my daughter in the modeling and cheer world, not to mention the life long memories he helped to create for myself and my daughter. David was considerate of the fact that we had traveled across the country and took the time to create more than just another photo shoot for us, he created an experience, one that we will forever be thankful for. We look forward to the opportunity to work with David again in the future and are trying to find yet another excuse to travel to California so that we will have the chance to work with him again. I can honestly say that the pictures taken of my daughter and her friend during this trip will always be some of my favorite pictures of her. If you have the opportunity to work with David and his company you will not regret it. 

To whom it may concern,
My daughter and I worked with Sikblu studios several times in the last year. Our pictures always turned beautiful. David always was very professional but also made my daughter feel very comfortable in her photo shoots. I highly recommend Sikblu Studios.

Thank you,

To whom it may concern,

David has been the photographer at my daughter's studio for years now.  He works so cautiously and is excellent in all of the shots that he takes.  He has patience, especially when working with a whole lot of dancers!!!!  His work is stunning and people are always commenting on how beautiful he takes pictures.  David is nothing less than a professional and I would recommend him to take my daughter's pictures any day!  


I just want to give you feed back on my experience with you and your photography. I am so beyond grateful to have had you at the hospital the day my baby was born. Those pictures you took are my absolute favorite thing to look at! You made a huge difference in my memories. Thank you!! Not even to mention all the amazing work you've done with me for pageantry! I appreciate you and all you do. Thank you!!


I have been working with David for about four years now. I have known him personally, for many, many years as we went to elementary school together. If I had only two words to describe David they would be honest and professional. He has always been professional in our photo taking sessions, when discussing payment, and when selecting pictures to keep. I have been nothing but impressed with him and his photography skills. He is always pleasant and warm, and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with him. I love all of the pictures he has taken and can't wait to work with him again. I definitely recommend David and sikblustudios.

My two gymnasts, a boy and girl, were photographed by David. He was very professional, creative in his posing ideas, and willing to try abstract ideas. The photos were amazing, and my gym owner is so impressed, he is using them in his advertising. The lighting techniques he used were ingenious. I was amazing at the quality of the photos. I highly recommend him for sports photograph. He is a gifted photographer!!

David Husted is an awesome photographer!! 


We don’t even live in the same state and we use him exclusively for all our photographic needs. He takes wonderful photographs inside and outside. His action shots, portraits, and studio shots are all excellent. David has great ideas, but also takes direction of what you want, even from his younger clients. He has photographed my daughter at cheer competitions, cheer practice, parks, downtown, the zoo, and other locations. He also took the individual and group photographs of our cheer gym last season. Every photograph has been a masterpiece. 


You can’t go wrong with having David take your photos!!

Hi David,

Have been wanting to give you a shout out.  We were recently looking at some photos you took at Thomas Jefferson's graduation ceremony 6 years ago.  Kris & I were deeply moved by the essence in which you captured the emotion of all the kids as they got ready to move into the "big" world of High School.  Mattie was speechless by the photos of her performing her vocal solo. Your work transcends many layers of life.  You have amazing works with landscape, lighting in nature, the MHS Musical, & especially your dance, action photos. You have true talent. The countless hours of practice with Mattie as your test subject have really shown in your ever developing talent for the visual art. Many, many people whom we have shown your work to are truly amazed with your talent, and are practically begging to work with you.  

We look forward to many more years of great work from you & deeply respect your talent.


To Whom It May Concern:

I met David Husted three years ago through a friend at the Dance/Fitness studio where
we both work out and our daughters danced. At the time, David was working on a Dance photography
book for his school final and my daughter Grace was invited to be part of it.

Over the last three years we have enjoyed getting to know David, and have worked on many
photography projects with him such as Team, OC Fair, Fundraisers, Recitals, Winter Showcase,
Competitions, Solos, not only through the dance studio, but private as well (Bridal Showers,
Anniversary Party) and others.

David has always demonstrated professionalism, responsibility and respect when working with us. He is
mild-mannered, kind, dependable, hardworking, and very patient. His strong work ethic is admirable
and demonstrated in the work he produces.

To whom it may concern,


My Daughter and I have had the pleasure of working with David many times over that last year. I have been very pleased with his work and love the memories he has captured for me of my Daughter. David is so compassionate about his work and very professional and friendly. I highly recommend Sikblustudios! 

To Whom It May Concern

I first met David Husted back in March of 2015, through a mutual friend. David took some photos of
my daughter, who is a gymnast, on 2 separate occasions that month. One day at the park with some
other girls and one day at the gymnastics studio. I was very pleased with him and the quality of his work.
I referred him to other gymnast and families.

My referral paid off and he came back and took pictures of a friend a couple weeks later in April of 2015.
This was also done in the gymnastics studio. I had the opportunity to be there with my daughter as well
for a couple additional pictures.

Although, my daughter is no longer a gymnast I recently had David take some family pictures for me of
my kids and their cousins in November 2015. At that same time I was also part of another gymnast
session with another friend, whom I referred.

Once again I have been very pleased with David’s work and I will continue to use him and refer him to
friends. He has always been polite, on time and very respectful. We have enjoyed our experiences with

In October my daughter had a photo shoot with David. It was our first time using him and I have to say we were beyond happy and satisfied. He was very professional but at the same time very easy to work with. He is reasonable with his prices and his work is phenomenal! David captured many different looks, moods and moments of my daughter. He truly has a gift and I would highly recommend David for all your photography work...

I just want to thank you for always being there for us, even in last minute situations. Quality is amazing and very easy to get a hold of you. 

Thank you,

I have worked with David and would welcome a repeat engagement. He is skilled photographer and has an eye and a style for capturing both portrait and full body images. You will be happy with your results. He has a relax atmosphere in the studio which makes any model feel at home. David is a great guy who I'm happy to have met. 

David Husted has been the most innovative photographer that I have ever worked with past, present and future, I'm certain of.  He has always been extremely professional in his work both in the field and in communications with myself and with others.  In addition, he has shown caution when working with children and teens, making sure that parental supervision is present at all times as we all do (or at least should do) when working with children in the performing arts.  He has been a pleasure to work with, not only during the shoot but afterwards in photo editing and in distribution, making the process very easy and enjoyable.

David is our favorite photographer to work with. He is fun and talented and makes us feel comfortable. We love that he is excited to try different things and to perfect his craft. His goal is to make you happy. All 4 of my children have been photographed by David for various occasions!

We have known SikBlu Studios for 2 years now.  He has taken both action shots, team shots and personal shots for my daughter.  He has always been professional and kind.  He has an amazing eye for capturing a moment, from artistic to candid.  Her photos have been so stunning that cheer accounts have picked them up which of course makes my daughter’s day.  But most importantly, Dave has been there when she has had good performances but also not her best days.  He has been there either way with encouragement and a great distraction from disappointment.  

If you have the opportunity to work with SikBlu you won’t be disappointed.